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Drilling rigs:

Schramm, Drilltech, Boart Longyear & more


Doosan (Ingersoll-Rand), GHH & more

Oils & related products:

Lubrilab (biodegradable products)


Drilling rigs & high pressure air compressors

Bernard Ostiguy founded his company in 1993, specializing in drilling rig and high pressure air compressor repair and maintenance. The business has shown over the years it can meet their clients requirements due to their expertise, high-quality products and service.

Today, the company carries out its mission of impeccably serving its clients. Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes workers, who use drilling equipment: construction contractors, specialists in water well drilling and workers on career and mining sites, benefit from our skills and know-how.

We specialize in Drilltech & Schramm drills as well as Doosan & GHH compressors give us the competitive edge


Entreprise Bernard Ostiguy

The numerous mandates we have been entrusted with throughout the years are a reflection of our works quality and know-how. We have installed, repaired and/or modified hydraulic systems, drilling rigs, high pressure compressors, and diesel engines for a large number of clients.


Sale, repair and maintenance services

Drilling rig and high pressure compressor sales and delivery

Parts for drilling rigs and high pressure compressors

Mobile repair service for drilling rigs and high pressure rotary screw-type compressors

Equipment maintenance (equipment part and component overhaul)

Retrofitting: equipment upgrade and improvement

Compressor bearing ultrasonic inspection

Training and technical consulting

Drill rigs

Drilling rig repair & maintenance

Whatever the brand of your drilling rig, we can take care of it. Whether the task at hand consists in updating or upgrading your equipment, repairing or modifying your hydraulic systems, or even installing an engine, our experts have the know-how to meet your requirements.

In addition, we sell all brands of drilling rigs, as well as Lubri-Lab synthetic biodegradable oils and products for H.P compressors. hydraulic and gear box.


High pressure compressor repair & sale

Along with drilling rigs, air compressors hold no secrets for our technicians and mechanics. They can recondition several brand-name high pressure compressors, just as well as modify air control systems.

We can also sell you a new or used high pressure compressor or module.


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